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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Giovanna, Kingsford – We still love it!

We’ve been here many times, i think i blogged about it once. and we still love it.

Me and fish decided on here for dinner one night.


We always get garlic bread because i love garlic and i love bread.

We don’t usually have entrees, unless it is to share, i really don’t see how people can eat an entree and a main, when an entree already makes me very full.

So for mains, i got a special ‘Fettuccine with Truffle and Egg.’ According to the lady boss, their family went on a vacation to Italy and brought back 2 bottles of truffle shavings but their sons weren’t too keen on it, so they brought it to be used in the restaurant. So lucky of us!

This is the truffle with egg pasta. Really simple, very rich and good. This is entree size. I really couldn’t possibly have eaten a large sized one.

Fish got a favourite. A rib of beef served with peppercorn sauce. Their sauces here are divine. Fish usually orders 2 sauces, but today he decides to just stick with one. Their diane sauce is great as well. The rib this time was nicely marbled and very juicy and delicious even though fish ordered it medium well.

Fish wanted a pizza. The pizzas here are also classics, there’s no tandoori chicken etc. just plain simple pizza. So we ordered a pizza with tomato, cheese and mushrooms. It was simple and good.

Lastly, a serving of tiramisu to share. A sweet note to end the wonderful dinner. :)

and you know. we will be back.

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