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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

IndoRasa, Kingsford

Recently (ok, not so recent), a new Indonesian restaurant opened.

There were always a good amount of people inside, as opposed to the one opposite it.

So we decided we should try it. and it really wasn’t bad.

This has to be the highlight – Tauhu Telur – deep fried omelette (so crispy and fluffy) and deep fried tauhu all drenched in a great peanut sauce. I love this dish!

Nasi Goreng was what i ate. It was good, as good as how i had expected fried rice to be. But it didn’t exceed it.

I can’t remember what this is called, but it came with a variety of side dishes such as fried chicken, beef, some chicken livers i think and fried egg. Shi Hui said it wasn’t too bad. The chicken was dry though, but had great flavour. The chilli that you see on top of the cucumber, is extremely spicy. you have been warned!

Soto Ayam. Fish liked it and said it was good. Only downside was that the soup didn’t come piping hot.

This was good. Ayam something. It’s grilled chicken in spices. We got the thigh so it was tender and delicious! yum yum!

This place really isn’t bad. The food is up to scratch.

The only downside is the service. They are prompt was water and menu. But have horrible attitudes. They menus are flopped on the table. No smile, no hi, nothing. Service is there but to the most minimal level required. The food comes and the waitress just places it on the table and leaves. and we’re left there staring at the dish wondering what dish that it.

But i shall return, because i can deal with such service if i get to get Tauhu Telur!!

EDIT! – This has become one of my favourite restaurants in the Kingsford area. We still order their tahu telor but our favourite main dish is now their mee goreng, only beef balls and to make it a little spicy. yum yum yum.

and.. their service has improved a lot! everyone is now quite friendly and smiles a lot more, so that's good! :)

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