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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aussie Farmers Direct!

I’ve been ordering items from Aussie Farmers Direct for quite sometime now. and i really love the convenience and quality of their items.

My biggest biggest favourite from them is their Apple Juice!!

I love love this apple juice and we get through this really fast. My delivery days are every Wed and Sat and we basically have fresh apple juice every wed and sat. I love it!

Another staple that i only really use in baking but fish loves it in his cereal etc. is their low fat milk!

I tried their orange juice for the first time this week. and hmm.. i dunno. i’m not into into it. Freshly squeezed ones still tastes better. i think i’ll stick to the apple juice next time! We go through apple juice much much faster, i think it’s easier to drink that’s why – not acidic. i think.

I’ve also been using them to get my free range eggs, they’re my sole supplier of eggs now. We’ve also tried their fruit loaf which fish loves and used it to make a butter and bread pudding which he loves loves loves.

I’ve tried their meats once or twice and they’re ok.

I also always get my cream from them. They have 600ml bottles and they’re cheaper and last longer than those in the supermarkets.

I’ll be getting their new veg box next week to compare! :)

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