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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kasumi Izakaya, Sydney – Our Current Favourite Place

We love Kasumi. It nice and cozy and the food is quite good and the only place i get to drink alcohol. haha


So, something that we must order is the Beer Braised Beef Tongue. It is delicious. Ocassionally you get a piece that isn’t as soft as you like it to be, but overall it is great. We always have 2 bowls of this.

Eating this with the leeks, spring onions and seaweed is delicious!

On this day, i decided to try something new – Mimigar

The flavour is good. the presentation is beautiful. However, i didn’t finish this. It’s description says that it is pork skin with spicy shallot sauce. The dressing is very nice, the skin itself is crunchy – i couldn’t help it, but i kept thinking that this isn’t skin, this seemed more like the texture of pig’s ear. So if that’s what you like – you would like this. I liked the flavour, but there was only so much of this i could eat.

This is something we also had for the first time. It’s Cod Roe Spaghetti. and i love it. It is so simple. The roe i believe was just a touch spicy and the dashi and bonito flavour was so strong in this dish and i’m not sure where it was coming from, but it was definitely very flavourful and delicious. Because of the roe i guess, there was a richness and creaminess about it. but it wasn’t gluggy or heavy like a traditional cream pasta would make you feel. It just came with a a few thinly sliced pieces of shabu shabu pork i believe. I really like this. I’m so eating this again!

Kaarage Chicken with spicy shallot sauce (i think – don’t quite remember the exact name of the sauce). I usually don’t eat this – fish eats all of this. but since he always orders this, it must be quite tasty and good!

Teriyaki Chicken Ball w/ Egg Yolk. This is really quite nice. We stopped ordering this in between, but i asked for it this time. The only thing is, it does get a little too salty after a while because of the teriyaki sauce i guess. But i do like it.

We also always order their broiled salmon sushi. I love broiled sushi, or they can also be called aburi salmon sushi. With this sushi, there is no need for wasabi or soy sauce, although they still provide them. All you need is the sushi, with the sauce and the green onion and it is delicious! They put a little pea of wasabi below the fish, but it is hardly noticeable and i believe it adds to the flavour. A must order!

Another must order for fish. Premium Wagyu Steak. The marbling of the steak is delicious. You can taste the fattiness and oiliness of the beef itself and we love it. It comes with an onion sauce if i’m not wrong, and a bowl of rice. The sizzling plate comes really hot, so even though the beef looks really rare now (this is when i will steal a piece), it can be cooked till well done as the picture below – the way fish likes it. This also isn’t as expensive compared to other restaurants. and much more flavourful.


By now, you should know that i don’t eat much meat, so this is definitely a fish dish – i just steal a piece or two. :)

I forgot to take a picture but what alcohol do i drink here? It can be barely considered alcohol. I always drink 1-2 mugs of Green Apple Chu-hi. It is a shochu based cocktail. i’ll make sure to take a picture next time. I describe it as a beginner drink. Very little hint of alcohol. but i like it. hehe

….We love it here, they are open till very late. and on the weekends, they have bands playing. We usually catch a movie around 6+ then head over here to have dinner and this time, we finished at 11pm. it was a sunday night, so it was very quiet.

I do think we will be returning soon! :)

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