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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ding Tai Fung – My love affair starts all over again!

I used to love ding tai fung. Fish called it my happy place, cause i will always become really happy after eating here.

However, after an incident when i brought my relatives there, it angered me so much that i didn’t visit for around 6 months i think.

One day, fish was sick when we went to the city. He wanted something light. and xiao long bao seemed perfect. So we decided to give it another go.

We waited for a little while, got seats at an area i really like. We don’t share tables, so we usually have to wait a little longer. but i really like being seated at the platform on the right side of the restaurant, next to the kitchen. It’s nice and cozy and always have many waiters around for service.

Since fish was sick, we didn’t eat much that day, but we still ordered our favourites.

Vegetarian Delight. I love this. This is one of the rare dishes where i will gladly eat my beansprouts.

Fish had a bowl of free range chicken soup. Very light and tasty.

Fish didn’t feel well enough to order a main, so we got 16 xiao long baos and he ate most of it. It’s really good though. I don’t like raw ginger, so i always eat mine on its own. i bite a small hole at the bottom side of the dumpling, then pour the golden soup onto my soup, eat the dumpling and then drink up the soup. No wastage. yum yum.

My main which we couldn’t finish. Fried rice with fried chicken cutlet. yum yum again. Fish didn’t eat this since he had a sore throat so we had to take away the left overs. but it is really good. and i’m a rice fanatic. so i love their fried rice.

That’s all we ate this time. but my love affair has been rekindled. so i hope to be back soon! :)

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