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Friday, December 25, 2009

24th Dec – Unexpected Present & Christmas Dinner

Christmas is nearly over and i must say, it has been a great year. Fish has been great. Life has been good to me. and i am a very happy girl.

I hope all of you get what you wish most for Christmas and looking back on this year, whether good or bad, smile and plan for a even better next year.

So… I was waiting for another present to be delivered. Instead, when the mailman came, he wasn’t bringing that present. He instead, brought something we have waited for 1 1/2 months (yes, it takes that long to manufacture).

Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber!

Yup, you read it right. A replica Anakin Skywalker lightsaber. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you would know that his lightsaber is blue in colour. But… i was looking for something more interesting than the normal colour. I wanted purple – which was Mace Windu’s, but purple is not supported yet. Though Fish bought one that is in purple, but it spoilt so it’s half way around the world getting fixed.

I searched forums and found.. Cyan aka Sunrider’s Destiny! This colour i like. and so it was bought.

Pictures Time!

Pretty eh? We’ve fought a few times.. hehe…

The colour that the camera picks up is a turquoise colour, but in reality, it isn’t that blue.

I would describe it as a Mint Green more than a turquoise colour.

A very very fun toy – fit for duelling!

Christmas Dinner

So… after all that.. i decided a few days ago, that we should order dinner instead of cooking. And so we did.

From the top left hand corner is Gravy, then baked potatoes (which i love to death – this we roasted ourselves), Turkey w/ stuffing and Risotto Balls.

I’m not the greatest fan of the turkey, but Fish loves it.

I love the potatoes and i love the risotto balls.

This dinner didn’t cost us more than if we were to eat out, in fact it might have been cheaper.

It was delivered on Wed uncooked. It had simple instructions and we just followed them. It was delicious!

If you’re noticing the small plate at the fore front, it’s a plate of lingonberry jam. Traditionally, it goes with cranberry jam. But we had lingonberry in the fridge from Ikea and it went really well with the turkey. I preferred the jam more than Fish, just like i like it on my meatballs and he doesn’t really. hehe.. More for me!

Anyways… it was a happy happy dinner and a happy happy Christmas.

It’s Boxing Day tml (26th Dec) and there are loads of sales going on… so we’re just going to go out.. walk walk.. see see.. shop shop… hehe

But.. i think we’ll eat fast food tml cause i think it’s considered a public holiday and there are surcharges at restaurants – i’m not going to pay an extra 10%. Anyways Fish has always wanted to eat the Angry Angus from Hungry Jacks – which is really Burger King. So… maybe that’s our dinner!

Have a very very Merry Christmas and may the Christmas spirit spread to each and every human being. =)

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