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Monday, December 07, 2009

Gyudon – Beef Bowl

A pack of thinly sliced waygu beef. an onion. lots of sauces.

steamy bowl of rice. sweet and salty sauce. thin and tender beef slices.

Simple. Easy. Delicious!

Hehe.. i used to love to eat yoshinoya’s beef + salmon bowl. That is. until the drastically reduced the amount of beef they gave.

But seriously people, if you cook at home and have staple japanese ingredients, this dish is easy and fast to cook. and you can have all the beef you want.

I saw a video on youtube from the channel ‘cookingwithdog’ and decided to use her recipe. I’ve made a little changes taste and quantity wise.

This serves 2 relatively big portions.


300gm thinly sliced wagyu beef – another other thinly sliced beef will do
1 onion, sliced
5 tbsp Soy sauce – i increased this as i tasted and found it a little too sweet for my tasting
2 1/2 tbsp Sake
2 1/2 tbsp Mirin
2 tbsp Sugar
250ml Water
1 1/2 tsp Granulated Dashi
2 eggs
Steamed Japanese Rice


If you can’t find thinly sliced beef, what you can do is to freeze a block of beef and when it is half frozen half thawed, slice it thinly.

Boil a pot of water.

Make Onsen Tamago. In a earthen pot, place 2 room temperature eggs. Pour boiling water to cover the eggs. Cover the pot and leave it alone for 20 mins.

Slice onions.

In a suitably sized frying pan, place in the sake, soy sauce, mirin and sugar. Set aside.

When the pot of water boils, put the beef slices in for a very short period of time, just to get it slightly cooked – doesn’t have to be totally cooked. This is so to get rid of any excess fats and reduce the beef’s ‘smell’.

Take the beef slices out and place in a plate.

Place the frying pan over the fire and dissolve the sugar. When the mixture starts bubbling, add in the beef slices. Stir around and make sure beef slices gets all the sauce. Turn off your fire and take the slices of beef out again and place them on the plate.

*At anytime where 20 mins is up, just take the egg out of the pot and place into a bowl of ice water.

To the beef sauce, add water, dashi and onions. Let it start bubbling again. Try and see if you want it sweeter or more salty. It’s ok to be slightly saltier as you’re going to eat this with rice.

Cook the onions until the stage you like – softer or crunchy. Although softer is the way to go.

When the onions turn translucent or take on the colour of the sauce, add the beef slices back in and combine.

Place steamed rice in a bowl, beef slices and sauce. finally, top with onsen tamago. (I don’t like semi-raw eggs, so i skipped this and gave both to fish)

That’s it!

- I made more sauce than the original recipe called for, since i like to have loads of sauce to drizzle over my rice. You can decrease the amount if you prefer a dryer beef.

- If you want it to be more yoshinoya-ish, just cook some steamed veggies.

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