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Monday, December 14, 2009

Carrot Cake, Ceiling & Wisdom Teeth

So.. in the dead of the night. I’m making my carrot cake. Haha..

I only finished it like at 4am! I’m a late starter and also because there were many problems.

I couldn’t get the proportion of flour correct. That was infuriating. It made me so so angry that i forgot to add salt and pepper. hehe..

But at the end, it tasted good. Especially fried.

I added diced dried shitake mushrooms to mine and also fried onions which i fried myself.

Very mushroomy.. the original recipe said 4 for more radish than i used. I added 8!

Why no recipe? Cause it is far from perfect and i’m not 150% happy with it. So, you’ll know when i’m happy, i’ll post it.

But anyway, it still tasted good. and here is how it looks.

It still tastes really good when fried. =)

I got another recipe from my dad which i will be trying out as soon as my house is back in order.

Remember the leaking ceiling a few weeks back? They are now repairing the ceiling and this is how my house looks…

DSC02307 DSC02306

I haven’t been able to cook properly. But i made Rum Butter Balls last night! Will be sharing that with you guys soon! 

My bottom right wisdom teeth is hurting! and it has been hurting for days! It’s growing out and so it hurts cause it’s breaking through the gum.

The thing is, yesterday, as i was poking around in my mouth, i realised that my 2 top wisdom teeth have already grown out completely – not the full length yet, but it has completely broken out of the gum already. the thing is. It didn’t hurt AT ALL. I had no idea that they had already grew out.

This leads me to question, why do i only feel pain when the 2 bottom teeth are growing out and yet feel nothing about the top 2 teeth?

Is it because the bottom two are frequently used when eating?

I dunno. I only know it’s causing me grief, i can’t eat properly. and it always happens. It will be painful for a few days, then stop and be completely normal for a few months and then it will come back again… and the cycle continues.

Let me know if there’s a good reason for the difference between the 2 sets of teeth! =)

Foggy says ‘Hi!’

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