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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rum Butter Balls

Credits for this go to: Angie

So.. on my sidebar, i wrote that i wanted to use Rum in my cooking. I had just bought a bottle of rum with the intention of making rum & raisin ice cream – that hasn’t been done yet.

So, i was watching youtube.. when i saw this. Rum Butter Balls. I love the flavour of Rum and i love butter.

I’m quite sure mine didn’t turn out exactly like hers. I think it’s because i didn’t add icing sugar to the mixture.. but it still tasted really good.. haha.. so … whatever!

Somehow, this grows on you. You eat the first one and think. It’s ok. but you find yourself keep wanting another one. haha.. so it grows on ppl. Rum is very very fragrant.

Looks kinda christmas-y though.. hehe..

Those were pecans which i roasted in the oven and coated them with icing sugar when they’re still hot. Fish loves them! hehe..

Ingredients (These are different from the original)


1. 125g Butter – i thought i used more – supposed to be 170g.
2. 2 tbsp Rum
3. 1 3/4 cups Plain Flour – supposed to be cake flour, but i dun have (wrong pic)
4. 3/4 cup roughly chopped Pecans – i think i chopped them a little too finely
5. 3/4 cup chocolate flakes – 3/4 cup if chocolate chips, i didn’t have chocolate chips, so i just sliced dark chocolate bars into little flakes and bits, i also used 3/4 cup but realised that if using this, can use way more chocolate. (Next time!)
6. Pure Icing Sugar for coating

*There’s supposed to be 1/2 cup of icing sugar into the mixture. But i forgot. and after eating, felt like it didn’t need the icing sugar if you gave it a good coating of icing sugar. But if you like it sweeter, by all means. I think this might be why my batter came out different.

Directions (Also different cause i just do from the top of my head)

1. All you need is 1 big bowl (Now that i come to think about it). Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

2. Make sure that your butter is soft and your chocolate bar is room temperature.

3. Cream the butter in the bowl. Cream by hand, but mixing it all about and getting it into a kinda paste looking.

4. I chopped the pecans and chocolate by hand since i had the time watching tv. I think you could do the pecans using a processor but i think you would still have to slice the chocolate by hand unless using chocolate chips.


5. Roast the chopped pecans till aromatic. Careful not to burn. You can use both the oven or the frying pan. I used the frying pan. Keep stirring.

6. Sift the flour into the bowl. Add the roasted pecans and chocolate. Try to let the pecans come back to room temperature before adding everything especially if you’re using chocolate flakes since they melt very easily.

7. Mix everything together with 2 tbsp of Rum! – It was supposed to be 1 but i added 2. =)

8. Mix Mix Mix. and here’s where mine differs. Hers was a creamy batter. Mine was a breadcrumb mixture. What a difference!

9. Anyways, since there was butter in the mixture, what you need to do is. I had fingernails, so i used a spoon, spoon an amount onto your palm and squeezed the mixture together to form a ball. Some will drop off but don’t worry it is possible. I thought it wasn’t possible until i tried it and ! a ball !

10. Although i used my big oven, i was lazy to get the big pan out since the kitchen island can’t be used i had to use my dining table, so instead, i used the tray of the small oven toaster.

11. I made bite sized balls. I didn’t count how many it yielded. but it took 2 trays to finish all. The second tray wasn’t full. Place them into the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. They should not colour much.

12. Get a bowl of icing sugar ready. Don’t be like me and try to scrimp and add as little icing sugar into the bowl as possible. Trust me.. the balls need to roll around in ample sugar. So get a good amount in.

13. When 20 minutes is up, take it out. Wait for 3-5 minutes till it slightly cools so that you can handle them with your fingers. You don’t want them to get cool for the icing sugar won’t melt around the balls then.

14. Taking each bowl, roll the balls around in the icing sugar until it is well coated. The icing sugar will form a sort of glaze over the balls as they melt. It will get on your fingers, so just have a tissue on the table so you can peel the icing sugar sticking to your fingertips.

You can eat it when it’s slightly warm, but i actually like it more after placing it in the fridge overnight and taking it out a few minutes before eating.

If you have left over icing sugar and throwing away is such a waste. I’m sure you have left over whole pecans. I had washed everything already by then so i wasn’t going to use the frying pan again. Just place the pecans on the baking tray you used to bake the balls. at 180 degrees for around 10 minutes. Make sure that they don’t burn. or until you can smell that delicious roasted pecans smell.

Also wait for them to get slightly cooler. Roll the pecans in the icing sugar and set aside. Don’t worry if there seems to be alot of icing sugar between the indents in the pecans. Their skin is slightly bitter and icing sugar isn’t very very sweet anyways. But this coating of icing sugar makes pecans irresistible. even to Fish who didn’t really like pecans.

I will definitely make these again as snacks.

and i think the roasted pecans will be good for Chinese New Year.

Have you guys bought your Christmas presents yet?

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