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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kimchi Instant Noodles…Dinner

Merry Christmas!

I cooked dinner the day before yesterday using my Kimchi – which i still have quite a lot leftover.

I didn’t make the Sujebi as it is a little time consuming. So… i made it with instant noodles instead.

This is really simple to make.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1/4 part Kimchi
1tsp powdered dashi
1 small pack silky tofu
2 eggs, scrambled
Enough water
Salt, soy sauce


Boil water.

Add powdered dashi.

Add sliced kimchi.

Add salt/soy sauce to taste.

Add tofu, roughly sliced.

Add 2 cakes of instant noodles.

When nearly done, add the scrambled eggs. Or if you prefer, a whole egg.


Also also….. I just made a very simple dinner yesterday. I was considering what to eat, when God sent me a sign. HAHA.. I opened the freezer. and a pack of Chorizos dropped out and into my hands. Hehe.. so Chorizo it is!

Simple pasta of oil, garlic and chorizos. It really doesn’t need much oil as chorizo itself has and will give out a lot of oil.

and and and.. i deep fried stuffs in the fridge.

There was a lot more. But we couldn’t stop eating.

I fried the chips before but wasn’t in love with it. But amazingly, i loved it this time around!

I am so going to buy this brand again. It’s Bird’s Eye Beer Battered Chips.

Those are not chicken nuggets you see.. those are prawn nuggets which are quite tasty, but Fish doesn’t like it.

There were potato gems too.. but i don’t like it.. so Fish popped all before i even noticed.

I also cooked Herbal Chicken soup. Don’t ask me for a list of ingredients. Haha.. I buy ingredients.. around 10.. from what i know and heard of. and just add a few of everything into the soup with water and a breast on the bone. Boil it forever in the rice cooker. *The important thing to remember is to not add salt! Add salt into the serving bowl and then the soup. Don’t cook with the salt. The salt would cause the chicken meat to become tough.


Tonight is Christmas Eve.. and we’re having a special dinner.

I’ve ordered turkey and risotto balls from an online store and they’re now defrosting.

I’m also roasting potatoes which i’ve just chopped up and mixed with EVOO, salt, pepper and rosemary.

I'll definitely post pictures of our dinner tonight!

Also.. also.. i’ve made Pineapple Tarts! and i’m quite proud of it! Will share in due time!


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