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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Rocks!

We went to The Rocks last Sat and I didn’t bring my camera, damn. There were so many food stalls around and so many selling jewellery and all sorts of stuffs.

We stood around eating. This was a Bavarian Giant Hot Dog. Comes with sauerkraut – fermented cabbage. and we added all the sauces available. There is tomato sauce, bavarian mayo (which is delicious) and mayo.

The length that you see in the picture was half of what the sausage looked like. I had to take a picture quick as mouths were feeding on it fast!!

Another thing that was really nice to eat were Turkish Gozleme. We chose the chicken, spinach and cheese version. It was really nice and you definitely have to eat it with lemon juice as it totally lifts the flavour. Fish said it tasted like murtabak. It kinda did. But it tasted really good, fresh and hot and crunchy with lemon juice freshly squeezed on top. Hui said that the ones in school were not freshly cooked to order and were not so tasty.

There was a wagyu beef burger that was kinda expensive $10. but fish wanted it, but there was a queue and so he didn’t want it. haha.

There was also a big big big paella pan, with seafood paella. Beautiful! Also $10, but fish doesn’t eat seafood.

After eating those, we walked around.. shi hui bought a ring and i bought myself a wristlet. If that can be considered a bag.. yay! finally a new bag after nearly 3 years!

I was hoping that there would be black. But beige looked nice and this material is nice and soft. There are many many others, with different prints and materials. Hui bought one as well, a few weeks ago. She bought a brown leather one.

I enjoyed the food at The Rocks the most, since i don’t do much shopping. The food was the best. I would go back just to eat again! hehe!

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