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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Shopping Hauls!

Shopping Shopping!

Bought some kitchenware from an online store a while back.

and these are what i got.

A new Global GS37 – a 13cm fluted Santoku.

Here is how all 3 of my knives look together.

I got mine Kyocera Ceramic first in Singapore and this is my favourite.

Next i got the Henckels, which i don’t use, because i think it is too big. However, Fish and Shi Hui likes to use this knife.

Lastly, i just bought the Global GS37 which i actually quite like. It’s fluted, if you look at the blade, there are oval indents (sort of). Those reduces the surface suction between the knife and the food. Makes slicing potatoes way easier than my Kyocera. When i slice potatoes with my Kyocera, they stick onto the blade like nobody’s business and when i have to peel the potato slice off the blade, it feels like i’m going to break the ceramic blade. Therefore the Global. The only thing is, i thought it was approximately the same size as my Kyocera. I was wrong. It is the smallest knife out of the 3. Which makes it slightly hard to slice using the rocking motion. But i love it all the same. I can see myself getting more Globals!


This is the iBlock. I needed a knife block that could take the different knives and types of knives i had. So, i found this. It is packed with polypropylene fibre ‘straws’, so i can just slot my knives wherever i want and both my steel and ceramic knives and “live” together.

Here, i got a ice cream scoop. and a silicone baking mat. The baking mat would be useful for kneading dough, so that it doesn’t stick and harden on my countertop. and it can also be used in place of aluminium foil or parchment paper.

This – i couldn’t resist after watching Maangchi’s video where she uses a wooden chopping block. This is a TruBamboo chopping board, which means it is made of Bamboo. However, i have not managed to use it yet because dumb dumb me didn’t managed to buy the oil which i need to apply everyday before i use it.

I got a Breville Juicer. I didn’t manage to get a picture of it – my white balance on my camera was off and i didn’t know how to fix it then.

This is taken from the Breville website. I just used it for the first time today. and for the first time, finished all the apples that were delivered. They tasted really great and the juicer was great. But but. it was really loud, like a vacuum cleaner (haha) and slightly messy as small little bits of pulp come flying out. Still, a it is relatively easy to wash and it is still way way better than wasting all the apples from not eating. So, yay!

I think that’s all i bought.

And to leave you…

A Mochiyaki!! Our current fav snack from World Square. Filled with custard and mochi. Very nice and very cute!

Eat Well!

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