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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Surprise!

I took too long to post this! Sorry.

Anyways, the postal system here loves to deliver my parcels between 7:30am to 8am during weekdays when i am still sleeping. My earliest class is at 9am, so i am usually not awake. Anyway. A few mornings ago, i received a package from Singapore!


Of course i took away from address from the picture. Kinda weird to display it, dun ya think?
First look at the handwriting and i knew who it was instantly. Yu Ting! Could only be her handwriting. I opened the parcel albeit my half opened eyes and without my spectacles, so you can imagine me placing everything close to my face to see what the hell it was. HaHa..


LOOK! SO PRETTY! I didn't take a picture of the inside of the card - there is a very pretty drawing and words from Shi Wei, Shan Shan, Yu Ting and Hui Fen. The photo frame was homemade and had my name and the number 21 on it. It was a picture that we took at Shi Wei's 21st birthday party! HaHa..i remember us hiding in a room was the food - having a great time eating and gossiping and this so totally reminds me that i definitely have to meet them when i return for many many gossip sessions! I am such a kaypoh queen..haha..

Thank you so much guys! I really appreciated it! Can't wait to come back and meet up with you all!!! See ya Soon!!
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