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Monday, September 08, 2008


I am so very very very tired now. Haven't slept in a little less than 24 hrs.

Received my first assignment back from Semantics and i am so happy i got 84.5%! Yay! That is because this course is not so technical and rigid and my lecturer is great though his lectures can get really really boring at times.

Some lecturers in UNSW are still very old school. It's still transparencies and chalkboard. Peter Collins, my lecturer, is really nice and funny but really old school too. This is week 7 and he has only ever used 1 set of transparencies and some of the lectures which if do not have a discussion element in them with some of the other students in class - cause that tends to be funny - becomes really boring. Like last week, he just talked the whole lecture through. I was too bored - though i did try to take notes.

Only the law faculty seems relatively high tech.

A stupid thing just happened. When we went home, we found a letter on the floor from the strata management, it was a notice for us because we were found to be obstructing common property. I was like .. oh no.. what did we do.. Guess what. What the big obstruction is all about? Our Doormat. Our neighbour just crushed the letter and threw it on the floor next to his doormat. HahA..Fish was saying that it was an obstruction to the cleaner who i guess couldn't vacuum the floor properly.. Fish didn't keep the doormat though. It's still outside. I kept the one at my place though - no troublemakers there. HaHa..

I am gg to be flooded with assignments soon, i think starting from Wed. I need to get some sleep. I am going to sleep. Sleep. Bed. Foggy. ZZZZZ...

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