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Friday, September 12, 2008

Melt and Pour Soap Kit

Yay! I received this yesterday!

This is my first Melt and Pour soap kit. I am so totally excited! I have been thinking about this for years..years. In Australia, there is a website which sells but i decided on ordering my kit from ebay. She has a wonderful array of soap supplies and the prices are acceptable. This soap kits makes hard soap which i have to receive yellow and violet soap colouring and i get to choose 2 soap fragances. I chose 'Black Raspberry and Vanilla' and 'Rice Flower and Shea'. The smell of the black raspberry and vanilla is DIVINE! It smells very very very delicious! The rice flower one is a milder but still nice smelling.

I get to choose 2 additives as well in which i chose 'Certified Organic King Island Kelp' - the little bag at the front of the picture, and 'Organic Calendula Petals'.
The kelp works as an defoliant as well.

Then you see the 2 blocks at the back, those are the melt and pour soap. One is white and the other is meant to be clear but since its natural, its not possible to be transparent, so it has a light tinge of yellow.

I will be ordering from the soap supplies the vegan lip balm kit and the SLS-free shampoo kit.

I want to start on the right foot if you may say. Normal lip balms contain beeswax which some strict vegetarians or vegans would not consume, so they would need a vegan one which if you look at the ingredients sound and seems much nicer than beeswax. Using the vegan ones would also eliminate any possibility of honey allergy.
Also, the SLS-free shampoo is natural and i have wash my hair knowing that the products i use are not acting against me.

Some people don't really care. Cheap products are all that is necessary - which i absolutely understand - i like cheap stuff too. But there are some things where i think i want to make a sacrifice for. Because i know in the long run whether physically or mentally, i would know that i am treating myself the way i ought to be treated and minimising the imapact i have on the environment. Far from being an environmentalist, i just want to do my part knowing that i sleep at night at peace. That i embrace the chance that i was given to be part of this world. That i wish for many others to live in harmony and peace and enjoy the miracles of life.

Its not possible i guess - but i hope to leave the world in a better state than what it was for my future generations.

Some say its idealistic or not practical, but this is my defiance. My way of what i wish for the principles of my life to be. Not a drifting log. Being too practical i think at times makes someone cynical and pessimistic - why waste time and mental space on these thoughts when we could use those energy in so many many more ways?

Anyways, enough of talk. I will be so looking forward to making the soap and since i can't possibly use all by myself, if anyone is interested in receiving one - for free of course. Drop me a mail or whatever ways to contact me.

A Buddhist teaching to leave you with.

Living in a Grateful World
Be grateful to those who have hurt or harmed you,
for they have reinforced your determination.

Be grateful to those who have deceived you,
for they have deepened your insight.

Be grateful to those who have hit you,
for they have reduced your karmic obstacles.

Be grateful to those who have abandoned you,
for they have taught you to be independent.

Be grateful to those who have made you stumble,
for they have strengthened your ability.

Be grateful to those who have denounced you,
for they have increased your wisdom and concentration.

Be grateful to those who have made you firm
and resolute and help in your achievement.

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