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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Egg Foo Young

We were supposed to have porridge for lunch today. BUT! I had an inspiration after looking at the Cooking Guide on my DS. I decided to experiment with Egg Foo Young. In Chinese its called, Fu Rong Dan.

So i basically used lup cheong, luncheon meat, dried shitake mushrooms and tofu marinated in teriyaki sauce. I sliced all of these into small into cubes and fried them. There was no need at all for all because of the fats from the lup cheong.

Then just pour 6 eggs over it and voila! Lunch is served. Of course there is the sauce over it which is really simple. A can of chicken stock and cornstarch dissolved in water - i had to use quite alot. Maybe my proportions of water to flour was wrong. I just let that cook and thicken and added sesame oil to make it more flavourful.

Then just place rice in a bowl, a serving of egg on the top and scoop the sauce all over and you have a simple dish!

The other thing you see in the picture would be this thing we bought from the supermart. Seafood tofu with seaweed. It's not bad. In fact its quite nice. I fried 3 pieces for each person.

Good lunch! Since i did all the cooking, Fish will have to do all the washing! HaHa!

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