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Thursday, September 25, 2008

My birthday present from Fish

Assignments have been keeping me away..but..i'm here to blog about the present Fish got for me!! I am so excited. This is like the first surprise he has actually managed to keep under wraps! He wasn't around when i opened the present cause he went back to Singapore for his grandma's funeral. But he directed me to where it was hidden. =)

This was what he lured me to finding at the back of the wardrobe.
REally ugly wrapping paper and wrapper skills. HaHa..but..

LOOK WHAT I FOUND! OMG. a camera. i have so totally wanted my own for the longest time ever. EVER. At this point i was crossing my fingers hoping that it was not the silver as shown on the box cause that would be too dull.

Guess what?! He's a genius! It's pink. I read it on the box and thought to myself. "HE GOT ME PINK?!" but then. when i see the pink - it looks beautiful! not the sickly pink but a nice shade of pink with glitter all over. BEAUTIFUL!

It's a touch screen Sony DSC-T70. He being the idiot that he always is, had no idea that it was touch screen. HaHa. It is 8.1 mega pixels which i guess there are a lot more in the market that are better. BUT, i suppose it serves me purpose well. I changed the settings to 5 mega pixels instead to save on space, but maybe i'll change it back to max. Its clear and sharp though sometimes i wish its sharper when its 5 mega pix. Or maybe its just me doing something wrong. I'll keep trying!

And the coolest thing is you can draw and add borders and stamps to your photo. You can also do effects like nostalgia etc.. Here's an example. I am having much fun with this camera!

I still had a surprise from Yu Ting, Shi Wei, Shan Shan and Hui Fen when they mailed me a handmade card and photo frame with a picture we took from Shi Wei's 21st Birthday. Going to go out for dinner soon at our fav restaurant - Din Tai Fung at World Square. So i'll blog about my dinner and the presents later! =)

I am so lucky..and so loved..and so blessed..and so in love..

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