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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunshine Egg!

This is my real first sunshine egg that i have ever cooked. It's considered my first because..firstly, i don't like runny eggs so i do not eat sunshine eggs. Secondly, since i don't eat it, i don't cook it for myself and neither has anyone asked me to cook one before. The way i like my egg is to crack it into the pan like sunshine egg, then break the yolk and fry the egg till it is nice and cooked.

This time, we were going to have noodles for supper and fish wanted a sunshine egg so i tried cooking one. When my dad was here, he gave me some tips on frying eggs, so i decided to try, using an amount of oil and high fire. After cracking the egg, i used a spoon to scoop some of the oil onto the yolk and the surrounding whites because i wanted the whites to cook, i think it might be nice to have runny yolk but not raw whites. And it turned out perfect!!! I'm so happy!! HaHa.. I am using this picture as my hp's wallpaper..That shows how proud of the egg i am. HaHa..

Of course my own egg turned out beautiful as well, but it isn't as photogenic as this one.


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