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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sleeping and Waking up Early

HaHa.. i feel good today!

Since i have been utterly sleep deprived for the past few days and i really slept almost immediately after posting yesterday - which was 2130.

And i woke up naturally at 0730 this morning. Surprised actually - with my stupid sleeping habits which dictates that i require 12+ hours of sleep, i actually woke up with 10 hrs of sleep. I was due to wake at 0855 for my lecture at 10am. But i decided to wake up instead of gg back to sleep. I decided to cook miso soup so that it would be like a small breakfast and i could eat my vitamins too. Thus, i started thinking..

Maybe its because of the time i sleep - usually at 4am and i can wake up at 8pm which means more than 12 hrs. So i think that is very very bad. If i were to sleep earlier, maybe i can get more sleep for my time - in some funny sense and wake up naturally as what i think we think should be the case.

So i think i shall try to sleep earlier - not like last night - that was way early. Maybe midnight. That should be okay.

I have been taking vitamins too! Me and fish bought this women and men's vitamins, Cenovis i think. And have been taking them faithfully for a while, missing a day though. Maybe that is playing a part? I decided we needed some vitamins because of our very shitty meal plans. We usually eat 1 meal a day - dinner. The day before i think, we had breakfast only - a relatively big one though. So our meals are too irregular and i felt like maybe my body wasn't getting the nutrients it requires which makes me tired as well - so so so i decided to try and see what happens.

I have just finished lunch - oh and Tues are the only day which we eat lunch on a regular basis. Before that was History of English lecture. It was interesting - we were looking at Middle English today and looked at a number of lyrics which were very interesting, one was about death, putting the arrival of death in a very lyrical and sort of beautiful way. Carmella, my lecturer, reads the lyrics with a very good voice, especially the ones that are very beautiful - she reads it and it sounds really beautiful too. I don't think i will ever be able to do that - i can't even figure out how to pronounce the words. HaHa..

I leave with a beautiful song that Carmella read today. Maiden is the Virgin Mary if i am not wrong. I found the song on Youtube. Enjoy!


I sing of a maiden
that is makeles,
King of all kinges
to her sone sche ches.

He cam also stille
There his moder was,
As dew in Aprille
That falleth on the grass.

He cam also stille
To his moderes bour,
As dew in aprille
That falleth on the flour.

He cam also stille
There his moder lay,
As dew in Aprille
That falleth on the spray.

Moder and maiden
Was never non but sche;
Well may swich alady
Godes moder be.

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