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Saturday, September 13, 2008


We - as in me, Fish and hui when to RatuSari for dinner last night. I have always wanted to try the Indonesian food there but never managed to. RatuSari is located along Anzac Parade in Kingsford and is a more upscale place as compared to the rest of the eateries around the area.

We had plain rice with 4 dishes and 2 drinks. Service was prompt and courteous which is always a plus!

We ordered prawn crackers but i would not again because it was a small portion for $5. Sun Sung has much better prawn crackers for $3 i think, and a much larger portion.

This is Soto Ayam - Fish wanted to try it but at the end we didn't really like it and so only drank 1/4 of it. I only drank a tablespoon of the soup. HaHa.. It just tasted weird. Maybe not what we are used to.

This is their Rendang which is really really really really good. Its about $16. When the portion first arrives, you will find that it is quite small. But when you eat everything in its entirety, you will find that it is actually enough. We wanted to order another portion of rendang, but lucky we did not.

I don't remember the name of this dish. It is basically fried boiled eggs with a tangy Indonesian sauce on top of it. It tastes very much like salsa although its a little different. Not too bad. Portion looks small again, but it really is not.

This dish came last and was wanted by Fish and hui. This was a surprise, with the small portions, this was the biggest portion of all. The picture was taken after eating it halfway and i realised i forgot. It actually came with 8 slices of eggplant..i think. It is battered eggplant, deep fried with dark soya sauce infused with onions, green capsicums and green chilli. I wasn't too keen on this dish, but when it came and fish gave me a bite.. It was really good. The batter was crisp and the eggplant was juicy. I really loved to sauce that it came with.

And the drinks we had was Cherry Blossom and Ice cream soda. The cherry blossom i tried was due to a fellow reviewer who said it was quite cool. She didn't know what it was, but i do. It is simply bandung! Just that they add some funny chewy seeds inside which are nice..but i won't spend $5 on that again. Hui's ice cream soda was much cooler. It came with lime flavoured syrup and a scoop of ice cream and a can of lemonade. I would drink that again.

I would definitely go there again. For the rendang and the eggplant. The bill for the 3 of us was around $70.

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