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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breakfast with Fish!

I woke up early this morning at 9am and decided that i am going to cook breakfast! - At the end though - it became brunch! =)

Voila! After an hour in the kitchen, i made a nice little breakfast!

We bought an electrical citrus juicer a while back. So i took all our oranges - around 6 i think and juiced them in no time! Made around 700-800ml of juice i should think. See the orange juice at the back of the picture? Fish ate one of the oranges before and commented that it was not very sweet, however, when we drank the juice this morning, it was very sweet, full of pulp and very filling.

I took 4 cherry tomatoes on its vine and placed in the pan with olive oil. I also thickly sliced up mushroom and fried them on the same pan with the tomatoes. The tomatoes are just left on their own to cook.

Now for the scrambled eggs. I used Gordon Ramsey's way of making scrambled eggs. I placed 5 eggs - cracked directly in the pot. Then i added butter straight into the eggs - as much butter as you like, it makes the eggs creamy. Then place the pot over the fire and stir. Keep stirring till the eggs start to cook. Take it off the fire and continue to stir, then put it back onto the fire and back and forth till necessary.

Do not salt the eggs till they are nearly done as it makes the eggs watery - we don't want that do we?

I added milk - though Gordon adds Crème fraîche, but i didn't have that so i just added milk.

The eggs are of a different texture that i am used to. Its like little bits of eggs all stuck together. I quite like it actually.

Oh, for the bread, i use white bread with 25% of wheat - you can't see the wheat in the bread and can't taste it - so this is good for people who want the nutrients of wholemeal but who do not like the texture - someone like Fish.

I don't like to toast my bread, i prefer to fry them in butter. Melt the butter in the pan then place the bread on top of the butter and turn over to ensure that both sides are buttered. Then leave it on its own and just let it fry and turn over do that both sides are nice and browned. Very nice!

Try the scrambled eggs and let me know if you guys enjoyed it!

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