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Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Template


I have just changed my template and added my own header image.

I worked on it last night. The whole picture was drawn by Fish a long time ago. He drew it on paper and i loved it so much i scanned it into the computer immediately. HaHa.

When i was in the toilet (where else do you get inspiration?) it suddenly dawned on me that i could use this picture as a header!

So i took advice from here and downloaded GIMP, a software which is free and works really well. I digitalized the image and tah tah! my header is ready for display! Isn't it cute?!

The website which i provided above has really simple instructions that you can use if you are not a template expert and just want to create a template that you can call your own. =)

In case you didn't notice, green is currently my "it" color. Not all shades though. I really like the darker green which i used to color the letters "S" "I" and "U".

Hopefully you guys prefer this new template. It was created based on Blogger's Minima Stretch cause i can't stand it when my post is all squished into a long rectangular box.

Stay tuned for more of everythin!

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