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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fried Chicken Strips

We decided to try our luck and deep-fry chicken strips.

Some definite items that are needed:

Free Range Chicken Breast - Cut into strips
Plain Flour - with Dried Herbs, BBQ seasoning, salt and pepper
Japanese Panko Breadcrumbs
Free Range Eggs
Mustard - Ours is American Mustard - but any type would be ok.


1. Place the chicken strips in plastic bags and pound if you like. Then add the mustard into the bag and mix all around so that the strips are all coated with mustard. - This is Fish's idea! A great idea! Very tasty!

2. Prepare 3 plates. First for the flour, then the eggs then the breadcrumbs. I added herbs and seasoning etc into all 3. So its dip into the flour to get coated, then to the eggs and lastly to the breadcrumbs.

3. Deep fry or pan fry till golden brown.

4. Enjoy!

It's a little messy - but it tastes so very good! Especially with the mustard! We fried all the chicken, ate some and placed the rest in the fridge to keep for any day we want - just heat it up in the oven!

It's really really good!

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