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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last Day of School

Yay! Today is fish and mine last day of school offically. FINALLY! I have so been looking forward to this day. Some courses have gone relatively well this sem and some are really quite lousy.

Officially, the sem is over, however, i still have 2 major essays due in a few more weeks. After that.. everything will finally be over. I am so so so happy. I really need to just stop and take a break from the fact that i can't do anything without feeling guilty cause i'm not studying! I need a break from it and then pray for a better sem next year - hopefully more focused and more fruitful.

I also can't wait to return to Singapore to eat eat and eat. and meet all my friends and HAVE A PARTY!

I so totally feel like having a party. However, i am inclined to a Indian Vegetarian Caterer. I have grown to love indian food since i'm here - the food here is mainly from a different part of India - so we don't get roti prata here, we get butter chicken and all the wonderful curries which can be found in Singapore only in restaurants. I might change my mind about it being totally vegetarian - just because i really want you guys to try butter chicken - i don't eat the chicken, just the sauce which is wonderful - although i might be able to work out a vegetarian option with that.

I don't believe in a party needing to eat meat. Of course it tastes great but since i am organizing the party, i think it is all about having a great time with people that matter - whether meat is involved or not is totally not in the picture. Vegetarian food is not as dull as what a lot of people think - you will be surprised and how great you feel att he end of each day knowing that you did not eat meat.


P.S. I am quite pissed at 2 advertisments here. First, is the one that says "We were born to eat red meat." Red meat tastes good and is healthy for us - but i don't believe we were meant to eat it. The other one is that "People who don't eat chicken have something wrong with them." - WHAT?! What the hell are people thinking about nowadays?!

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