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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fish Recreates Baked Rice!

Fish decided he would cook dinner a few nights ago and we decided to make baked rice again.

Down to foodworks - our minimart downstairs, we bought pure cream, mushrooms and chicken schnitzel - which already had flour etc on it.

I don't exactly know how he cooked it in detail, but here's what i know.

He cooked the rice longer in the pot with the liquids so it became nice and mushy - not totally.

He fried the chicken first then cut them into strips and placed them on top before adding the cheeses.

He sliced his mushrooms thickly - which works really well and you can taste the mushroom better.

I think he added more stock too.

Anyways, it was nicer than my version. Try it - its really quite simple. A tip though, don't fry the chicken till its perfectly golden brown cause it will continue to brown in the oven - so just a little under what you would call perfect on the chicken!

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