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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chorizo with Tomato and Cream Pasta

Spanish Chorizo is a pork sausage that has a distinctive smokiness a a deep red colour from its spices such as paprika. There are many different variations of chorizo but they are all surely very tasty.

Tonight's recipe is taken from and is presented by Rachel Allen. I have of course done some changes to the recipe the way Fish and me likes.

I really really like sauces that uses both tomato and cream because i love cream sauces but they can get a little cloying and fattening. I like tomato sauces but not absolutely - so when you put the both together, you get a nice creamy sauce with a tang of sourness from the tomatoes.


Butter/Olive Oil
2 cans of chopped tomatoes - mine has basil and garlic
4 cloves of garlic - or more if you wish - chopped
2 chorizos - around 225g - chopped in anyway you like
175ml Cream
200g fresh mushroom - Not in the original recipe but we love our mushrooms!
500g Bowtie Pasta - or any pasta you prefer
Dried Chilli Flakes - as hot as you like - but its better to start low
Dried Herbs - Optional


Cook the pasta in hot boiling water with a huge amount of salt added - this is essential so that the pasta is nicely seasoned. No worries - the dish does not require anymore salt.

Melt the butter or heat up the olive oil.

Add the tomatoes, garlic, herbs and mushrooms. Cook till the mushrooms are soften and relatively cooked.

Add the chopped sausages, dried chilli flakes and cream. Cook till the mixture reduces and thickens for around 10-20 mins. Keep stirring. You could check the seasoning now - but if you used the same ingredients etc like mine, i didn't need to add any additional salt at all.

Add the pasta to the sauce, mix well and serve nice and hot!

Enjoy! This recipe serves 6 so what we did was to place the rest in the fridge and it can be heated up to eat anytime!

P.S. We had the pasta with Campbell's Cream of Pumpkin soup. It tastes really good - but Fish added extra water, cream, herbs and black pepper.

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