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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here I go again!!

Guess where have i been again! Din Tai Fung! HaHa..


I just can't resist it. We went back again a few nights ago. Really early dinner though, i think..around 1730.

DSC00191 DSC00194

They are having a Spring Special now, so they have Xiao Long Baos in baskets of 8. I ate one in the picture already.. :p And look at the soup! Eat these hot and warm - not cold. We tend to leave them and eat them slowly, but i realised that if you leave till they're cold, the soup becomes a little sticky because of the fat content. So eat them nice and warm!


And of all time favourite! Fried Rice! Look how pretty it is! I really must try Singapore's one again. I still think Singapore's one is nicer.

I sure had my yam dumplings again! Yum!

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