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Monday, October 27, 2008

Eat Out Day!

We met up with Hui and her 2 friends to have lunch at Marigold Chinese Restaurant for Dim Sum. It is not bad! Actually it is even better than East Ocean. The place is much bigger which means that the queue is shorter. At East Ocean, the queue is so long and it can take forever to get a table. =)

We had a great lunch and then we walked around and then later later we decided that i need dinner! So we walked and i decided on Thai Express. The same one as the one in Singapore - orange and all. So we went in and ate a lot.

DSC00245   DSC00249 

DSC00243            DSC00246

 DSC00252 DSC00253

We ate more than what i've shown in the pictures. HaHa..This is the Thai food that i am used to. Especially the red ruby and the tapioca..Oh..They brought back so many memories..They had orange zest on the tapioca, not that its not nice though, its just weird and i don't really like orange orange - so i took the orange zest aside.

I got the Orange card as well - 10% discount - i wouldn't have got it if i did not read it and found out that the card is usable in both Australia and Singapore.

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