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Monday, April 12, 2010

Brown Brothers Cienna & Moscato

Brown Brothers is a famous Australian brand of wine.

We first tried their Moscato. which we all love.


*Keeping in mind that i do not like alcohol that much. the wine that i might like are usually those that are sweeter, smooth (i don’t really like dry) and more spring-like.

The Moscato which is a favourite is best served well chilled. As much as i love it, i’m not a huge fan of drinking it on its own, as others might be.

I prefer to mix it. and one of my favourite combinations is freshly squeezed grapefruit with moscato. Served very chilled. Very refreshing.

From the website for the 2009 Moscato:

This current release is a light straw colour with some youthful green tinges, while the nose is lifted with aromas of musk, citrus and freshly crushed grapes.  In the mouth the wine is alive with a vibrant and mouth filling sherbet flavour.  A wine of universal appeal, the retained carbon dioxide gives a mild frizzante effect resulting in a lively and fresh wine.  Serve well chilled and enjoy while young and vibrant.


i was reading a magazine that day when i was eating my favourite avocado rolls @ Pinocchio. and i saw an advertisement for Brown Brother’s Cienna. 

I just had a taste of this. and i think it will be one of our loves as well. It is as Moscato is, best serve well chilled. It is also light and fruity. though not as much compared to Moscato, since Moscato does belong in the category of white wine and Cienna of red wine.

It has a beautiful rich purple red colour – kinda reminded me of ribena. It is sweet, has a slightly syrupy texture to it and you can taste the berries and fruitiness of it all. 

From the website for the 2009 Cienna:

Cienna is a light wine with a vibrant ruby red colour and aromas of fresh raspberries and strawberries. With fruit sweetness on the palate it is soft and juicy with a refreshing spritzig finish. A sip of this wine is like tasting summer berries in a glass, while the mixture of good natural acidity  and fruit sweetness leaves a refreshing sensation in the mouth.  This wine is best enjoyed young and well chilled.

Sounds good eh.

The next wine that i am very interested in trying is their Lexia which also belongs to the same fruity white wine category as Moscato is.

and the other one which is interesting is their Tarrango. which is a variety of grape unique to Australia.

Look at how beautiful the colour of the Tarrango is. The thing is, in its description, it is described as having a delicate dry finish (which i’m not really keen on), but the next sentence says that it has a ‘juicy mouth-feel’… hmm…. contradicting eh.

Any wines to recommend?

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