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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you love Books?

Ok. this is blatant advertising – but i’m only doing it because i have enjoyed the products and services of this company. and i want to share it with all of you.

If you look just right below my blog’s banner. There is a banner for The Book Depository.

This is a online book store which has a great variety of books and cookbooks (obviously).

The best thing is .. their prices are one of the lowest i have managed to find and and and…. they offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Amazing!

So.. just to illustrate my point. I bought:

The “I” Diet by Susan B. Roberts for AUD$14.90 (where i used to buy my books) AUD$22.90

The Kitchen Diaries by Nigel Slater for AUD$24.91 AUD$39.90

So.. i do think this is my new favourite place to buy books. Obviously you can’t get the book in 3 days like you might with Fishpond. I usually get it within 14 days – which i don’t mind.

And.. good for me.. they charge in 5 major currencies: USD, Pounds, CAD, Euro and AUD. So i don’t get any international transaction fee. Great.

I’m not sure how much Singapore banks charge for their international transaction fee, but if it is worth it – it sure is worth a try.

My post office isn’t the most reliable – actually Australian post itself has been said to be not that reliable. I usually get 95% of my online orders. Once or twice the postman forgets to leave a card – or just leave a card without trying the intercom. This time – i had a cookbook that is not here yet. 

So i emailed the people @ book depository. and i think i must be in luck or their customer service is 100x better than their Australian counterparts, but i got a reply in 3 mins.

The person who replied my email said he was terribly sorry. and would either send out a free replacement or give me a full refund. Wonderful.

I was thinking about which one to choose. and i chose a refund. I didn’t seem to be missing the book much. so i thought i might as well get a refund. and if i really wanted the book, i could always buy it again @ a later time.

So, if these blabbering seem to tickle your fancy – just click on the banner up the top. and you will get transported there!

I hope you guys like it as much as i do.

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