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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Smoked Garlic

Recently @ Paddington’s Market, we bought a small tub of smoked garlic mayo which was delicious!

and so that got me searching online for smoked garlic.

and in an oz online forum. i found a guy that smokes his own garlic and sells the extra on ebay.

and so i bought them. 3 heads for $9.90

They are in their sealed plastic bag so you can’t see them very clearly. but they smell heavenly.

I can’t wait to cook up something with them.

I was telling Fish that i was going to do an experiment.

Garlic Fried Rice. Rice. Garlic. Egg. 3 main ingredients.

Everything – including sauces etc. will be kept constant.

and the only variable is the garlic.

The competition between (a) pungent garlic (b) tasty garlic (c) smoked garlic

the first 2 bought from Pyrmont Growers’ Market and the above pictured garlic.

Can’t wait!

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