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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Being sick is so no fun.

I hardly get sick. but unfortunately. i am.

and i have an essay due next week. perfect timing!

being sick makes me feel sick. it makes me feel bad. like i shouldn’t be lying in bed. and doing nothing the whole day. (although i do like to do that.. hehe)

but but. it makes me feel nice too.

having fish look after me. cook porridge for me. cover blankie for me. all good.

i don’t feel up to going to uni. and that’s worst. cause i’ve already missed some tuts. as the aussies asy it: bloody hell.

i’ve just got to cross my fingers and hope my teacher will be nice =)

and i wanted to go out on tuesday. but i got sick on monday. and i wanted to go to a farmer’s market on saturday – but i don’t think i will be well enough then.

i’ll just have to stay home all week then.

i just want to get well soon soon soon and the most important of all. that fish do not fall sick. ever.

Being sick makes me feel cold. and i’m sleeping with a heater. when the weather is perfectly cool. what a waste of good weather. i’ve been grabbing onto all the blankets i can find.. haha

ok. enough of sick talk.

i still have 2 more restaurants i haven shared pics with you guys yet. will be doing that. as soon as my nose starts working again!

Sleep tight!

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