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Monday, April 05, 2010

My Teeny Tiny Business on Ebay


i’ve wanted to do this for a while. and decided that i should finally start somewhere tonight.

and so i have.

it’s nothing much for now. but hopefully, it might get better.


what is it about?

I don’t have pierced ears and i doubt i ever will. so i make my own clip on earrings and i convert those that are meant for pierced ears.

I’ve placed on Ebay a listing for Button Clip-ons.

Click Here.

I make these all from (nearly scratch). I can’t make my own clip on backings etc.

I actually have a really pretty green polka dot one which i wore the other day which i really liked. but i placed too little glue on one of it and it broke off when i was playing with it. and i have to repair it. but now i can’t find it.

and so the search continues tml.

So So..

if you or if you know of anyone who might possibly be interested, it would be very very appreciated if you might pass the word on.

Hopefully to generate some interest.

I don’t think people who choose to not pierce should be disadvantaged in anyway compared to those who choose to.

Thanks! =)

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