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Monday, April 05, 2010

Seoul Ria

We’ve been to Seoul Ria around 3 times. and we love it. but the thing is, we usually eat Kimchi hot pot – which doesn’t seem that appropriate when the weather is hot. but the weather seems to be turning around soon with daylight savings ending today.

Kimchi hot pot with sausages, maggi noodles, tofu, stewed pork belly, rice cakes etc and kimchi.

It comes with 3 bowls of rice. and it’s quite delicious.

Korean cuisine is known for its side dishes. and here, we get a dish of green veg, potatoes, konnyaku jelly, kimchi and beansprouts.

We also always order their seafood pancake which is best when it is hot and crispy.

This is also great. Pork belly slices simply fried with onions and spring onions. They go great with the dish of sesame oil, mixed with sesame seeds and salt.

This is something new that i’ve never tried before but was recommended by Xuefen (shi hui’s friend). It is fried chicken pieces in sweet and sour sauce. It is. Delicious! It’s crispy and really good. a nice big plate.

I had a great great delicious dinner.

Can’t wait to get back!

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