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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pyrmont Growers’ Market

Loads of pictures on this post!

I had a tiring but great time yesterday. Woke up at 6am but left only at 830am because my dearest sister did not keep track of time.

From our house, it is really easy to get to the Pyrmont Growers’ Market. Just take a bus to Central Station and from there, take the light rail to Pyrmont Bay Station. We were originally intending to go to Star City’s station – which is what i read about. but i stopped at the wrong stop – 1 stop before (Pyrmont Bay) and surprisingly, we found ourselves at the right place!


Just get off the train at Pyrmont Bay, cross the tracks, and exit – it’s right in front. and there the stalls are!

It was bright and sunny. There were loads of people. Loads of dogs. Loads of kids.

There were many stalls.

The first things to greet us was this bbq stall which sells sausages etc. Yum Yum!


They sell garlic by the braids and loosely. The braids can last for 6 weeks. but i don’t think i will be able to finish that much garlic – as much as i love them. So, i bought 2 heads of garlic.

The one on the left is slightly purplish and that is the one that was described as ‘more tasty’ and the one on the right is more pungent. I don’t know which one i would like more obviously – so i bought 1 of each. $2 for one.

There’s also a stall that sells nothing but potatoes. for $5 a bag. they have all sorts of potatoes that you won’t be able to find in supermarkets. I bought a bag of kipfler potatoes. They are waxy potatoes, finger-like looking with a creamy coloured flesh. They are great for salads and roasting. i bought them in mind for roasting but i would think i could take some to make a simple japanese potato salad.

There’s also a potato called ‘Dutch Cream’ and it seems like many people bought this variety of potato – so i’m definitely going to try it the next time i get to go there.

There are also a few stalls selling veggies. These veggies are restricted by ‘food miles’ which means there is a certain limit as to how far these veggies can be transported.

I bought a head of cabbage and a bag of beans for $5.

There were many different stalls, selling meat, sausages, lamb, pork, sweets etc..

Is that a real lamb? hehe… nope… just a statue of a lamb.

This cool stall sells small good such as chorizos, fresh sausages, bacon, smoked chicken and cooked food.


The above picture is of the chicken and leek sausages and the pack of streaky bacon.

And the chorizo sausages and the whole smoked chicken which smells amazing!

024 025 
Since it’s the Easter weekend. there was a stall selling easter eggs etc.

There’s also this stall that sells fresh mushrooms that were cultivated by them. There were some cool mushrooms.

We got 2 pink oyster mushrooms and 2 king oyster mushrooms.

This is really cool. These are actually fresh shitake mushrooms. Very much unlike the ones you would normally find in the supermarket. They are really soft and delicate. I can’t wait to just simply fry this in butter or extra virgin olive oil (which i bought) and maybe a pinch of garlic, salt and pepper.

They had tastings of bread with herbs and this extra virgin olive oil. This is Made in Australia. and the flavour is beautiful. it’s fresh and fruity. and delicious.

036 037
Fresh Eggs too! A good dozen of 700gm Free Range Eggs. for $6

I had to try this – i saw this in another blogger’s blog. There were tasters and i don’t really like marshmallows, but i had to try these. They are different from normal marshmallows. This is a mini bag for $8. They are other packaging as well.

If you can see the ingredient list, there is real fruit puree in the marshmallows and this gives the marshmallows a real fruity flavour. Not just sweet but also tart – accordingly to the fruit flavour.

Delicious – in fact, i’m eating some now!

From a stall operated by 2 japanese females, we bought their sesame sauce – it was rich and flavourful. Fish also liked their noodle salad dressing. The sesame sauce was a small bottle that costs $8.50 while the noodle salad dressing is only in 1 size for $12.

We also bought a 1/4 Miche Sourdough bread from Sonoma. It is a huge quarter out of an even larger round bread. The 1/4 costs $4.50.

That’s about all the things we bought.

Here….. more pictures of that beautiful morning!

008009017 016 018019 021 022 
We had dim sum after shopping @ the farmer's market. then walked around. watched ‘Clash of the Titans 3D’ – not too bad.

Had dinner with 2 of hui’s friend @ Seoul Ria. That will be my next post.

I love going to Farmer’s Markets and i can’t wait till the next one.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!

OH! i have to say i am quite impressed with my Panasonic Lumix FZ35. All these pictures were taken with it and many were taken with zoom. I couldn’t see the screen properly since the sun was too bright. and i’m impressed and amazed that the zoom did not make the pictures blur but they were all beautiful! =)

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