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Friday, April 23, 2010

Herb Roast Chicken!

I’ve been contemplating this. for a while.

I want to try to roast a whole chicken. but i have like a mini fear of bones. which is also why i don’t eat chicken with bones – i can’t see myself chewing on the bone to get the meat – it just ewws me.

But… i saw The Pioneer Women’s Herb Roasted Whole Chicken and i really wanted to try to try it out for myself.

and so. i bought a Lilydale Free Range whole chicken one day. Chucked it in the freezer and decided it was time.

Ta-da! My first ever roasted chicken.

I washed and massaged the chicken.. haha. not really, but i was quite rough with it, so i supposed that’s a massage.

I pretty much followed her recipe.

Made my herb mix with sage, rosemary and thyme. Together with salt, pepper and a mixture of butter and olive oil.

After washing the chicken, give is a good wipe down to dry the chicken. I dried it and left it on the counter to dry a little – this is important to ensure you get nice skin.

That’s my chicken after countless washing – in and outside the cavity. I also sniped off the butt – or i think it is the butt. It doesn’t look like a part that i’ve ever seen and it was quite disgusting looking actually – so 2 snips of the scissors and into the bin.

Just before going into a very hot oven. I followed her instructions of 230 degrees. but when i checked the oven.. it was not burning but it was smoking like crazy. and we have a sensitive smoke alarm, so i let the smoke escape slowly and reduced to temperature to 200 degrees instead.

Oh – and see the butt. I stuffed 3 cloves of garlic, half an onion and half a lemon.

Hehe.. see the butt.. the lemon is going to pop out soon!

I don’t touch bones remember – so our roasted chicken is always expertly shredded by Fish. He shreds the chicken flesh and i keep the carcass to make chicken stock for another day.

The onions are what we' stuffed in the cavity.

So.. what did we do to the leftovers?

I made a simple chicken mayo and mashed up the garlic which was stuffed into the cavity into the chicken mayo.

Toasted some plain butter croissants, sniped them into half and stuffed the mayo in.

Lunch for Monday!

The chicken was not the most moist – but it had a good subtle infusion of herbs and the flavour can definitely be tasted in the meat of the chicken. 

So, final verdict:

It’s great to eat. It’s simple to cook. Not that difficult to clean the chicken.

So So So… i think i might make this again – but i will keep looking for new recipes to try!


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