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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ton Ton Ramen – Gekikara Ramen


Not the best picture. I know. I took it off

I will take a better picture when i go have this again. Like extremely soon!

Cause it’s absolutely delicious!

From the website:

A very spicy “Tonkotsu” soup topped with Barbequed Pork and Leeks

I wouldn’t say very spicy – maybe for the typical Australian yes. but for me at least, it was the right spiciness.

It wasn’t so so spicy that your tongue burned and you couldn’t taste anything. but yet, it was spicy enough that my nose started to run.

but it was very very delicious!

Fish had to do his thesis today – so i went out by myself. and i was looking forward to eating their Spicy Nira Ramen actually.

The spicy nira ramen is very different. It is not soupy – it is a thick sauce – like Lor Mee. It is slightly spicy, with meat and a huge huge amount of spring onions.

The spicy nira ramen – looking at it will make you full. eating it feels like it has a lot more noodles as compared to the traditional ramen. but it’s not – it’s just because it’s so thick and saucy that it feels like it.

But they’ve placed the Spicy Nira Ramen on a weekly roll now and it’s only available next week. so i was forced to choose something else.

and this reminds me – i actually haven told you guys the name of the ramen i just ate.

It’s Gekikara Ramen – but they just call it Geki Ramen for short.

It’s using their Tonkotsu soup base – which is already slightly spicy. I guess they add more spice to it and i love their bbq pork.

I usually don’t eat my pork in places like Ramen Kan. They give 2-3 rounds of cha siew which i usually pass to Fish. but here. if you’re nick picking – you could say that there is comparatively lesser meat. but they chop it into bite sized pieces – you got pieces of soft flavourful meat and pieces of pure melting in your mouth goodness fats. yum yum. i fished though everything to get all the pieces of meat.

The soup is very tasty too.

Ramen Kan’s tasty too – but the one at the city is too oily and the one at Bondi tends to be very salty.

The one here is perfect. Some might say not as ‘porky’ but i like it.

When i eat something as good as this; it just makes me happy the whole day and night long……..


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