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Sunday, April 25, 2010

WOW Bulgogi, Kensington

A few few days ago, we wanted to eat Kaki Lima – but it was closed.

so we decided to head on down the road to a relatively new Korean restaurant WOW Bulgogi.

They use traditional Korean utensils which is not a problem. until i realise that the chopsticks are flat. they are not round. and i had a big problem with that. i found it extremely difficult to use. hahaha.

And that’s the bbq on our table.

This i like. their cups used when they serve you water are kept in a sterilizer. Very good.

Me and hui tried a can of this sparkling white grape soda. Nothing special but cheap $2.

Can you see it? The walls are faked! They are merely wall paper! hahaha..

Green Salad which came with something. Their salad dressing was very delicious.

Oh by the way. don’t be alarmed, we ate a lot that day.


some of the side dishes..

My beef bulgogi. I don’t love love it. i don’t hate it. but i wouldn’t order again. simply because – that’s way to much meat for me.

Shi Hui’s sujebi i think. She didn’t complain so i guess it wasn’t too bad.

Fish’s bibimbap. He likes it. He says it’s good and moist. and he will definitely eat it again!

Japchae! I love Japchae. The one is isn’t the best best. so it’s not too bad. so this will be what i order when i come here next time.

Kimchi Pancake. Not a big fan. Preferred Seoul Ria’s Seafood pancake to this. Although the presentation is beautiful.

We had slices of pork belly to bbq. we sniped them into bite sized pieces and they were good. as pork belly should be.

and we had beef tenderloin as well. The thing with beef is, you must really look after it and make sure it doesn’t overcook.

That’s all that we ate. it was a very filling dinner. i would be back again. but we now know what is good and what we would and would not order again. so it will be way lesser next time!

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