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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant, Sydney

We like Mizuya.

It’s good. but expensive.

The pictures i got this time weren’t great. i kept forgetting.

Ordering is through a computer. no fuss. no communication problem. great.

Fish got a Mojito. which wasn’t tooo bad.

We were having dinner with shi hui’s friends and she and her friends had not arrived, so we ordered a plate of fried chicken skins.

This was ordered by shi hui’s friends. A California roll. nice. better than their salmon avocado.

One of hui’s and fish’s favourite – eel. I’m not a big fan but they say these taste really good. i took a bite. they were.

My fav fav fav fav. soup in a teapot. Dobin mushi. Mizuya’s is a seafood broth. with pieces of chicken, mushroom, fish and a prawn head.

The meat weren’t very tasty already. but the soup was. so so so light. so so so flavourful. loved it.

This. haha. is not how the dish is served.

we had wagyu beef with ponzu sauce. and i ate that with grilled miso onigiri.

that’s what this picture is.

rice. beef. ponzu w/ radish.

and this is the grilled miso onigiri. not really to my liking.

This is delicious delicious! shi hui and her friend’s tried this. and it was too good. i had to order one for myself.

The chawanmushi was very delicate, very wobbly. the stock used was sublime.

there’s no edamame in this – we just added it for the picture. haha..


This is Fish’s fav! Deep fried wagyu beef. he says it tastes like deep fried hamburger. haha.. it really is good. very fattening too i’m sure.

it comes with tartar sauce, plum sauce i think?, and curry salt.

I love the mixture of beef, tartar and curry salt. nice.

We obviously ate a lot more. but i didn’t take pictures of all.

this is an expensive restaurant to eat in.

but i’ve found a way to make it cheaper. rather.. more affordable.

I shall create my own set dinner.

Ponzu Wagyu Beef - $14
Plain Rice - $2
Chawanmushi - $4.80
Dobin mushi - $6.80
Ice water - $0
Green Tea and Vanilla Ice cream w/ dango balls and red beans - $3.80

This will give me a total of…. $24.60 at the cheapest.

which is ok with me. for an occasional treat.

The place can get a little noisy – it was built for many people – there are very little 2 ppl table. we always get seated at the 6 person table. not that i’m complaining. but it can get noisy esp when there are people celebrating something.

and the staff are all Japanese. very nice and you never feel like you’re being rushed to eat your meal.

It has karaoke facilities as well. i doubt i’ll ever try it. but i guess it’s nice to know.


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