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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yuki Japanese/Korean Restaurant, Sydney

This is a restaurant that was introduced to us by one of Shi Hui’s friend.

and we actually quite liked it. we ate once a long time back. and a few days ago, we wanted to eat Japanese food but couldn’t really decide where – so we thought of this place and remembered that we liked their sushi.

The place is simple and relatively small. It was quite empty for dinner. but for some queer reason – they have a second floor. and everyone that came in were Korean and they all requested for the second floor. I think the second floor would be quite packed. and i don’t understand Korean, so i have no idea what’s going on upstairs.

But.. back to downstairs.

The place used to be closed with a sliding door, but i think they’re introducing Korean bbq now – so they’ve opened up the area more to get better ventilation. The white tables – the ones in the pic – are normal tables, which we sat in. There are some that are brown and come with an inbuilt bbq plate.

The menu is not big in range – but big in size. This menu is all Japanese food. I’m not sure where the Korean food is – but we noticed that they gave another menu to Koreans and there was Korean food being served.

Back to Japanese food. We were not too concerned, as we just had Korean BBQ a few days ago – which i will blog about soon.

The menu has your basic sushi, sashimi, bento and ala carte food items. There’s not a lot to choose from – but what they have is good.

This is good good good. Salmon Avocado Roll. which is what drew us back.

There are 8 nice big slices for $15.50 – we know, a little on the expensive side.

but delicious.

the avocado was slightly hard – meaning it is not fully ripe yet – but it was ok. Way better than what i had @ UNSW – the avocado was extremely hard and bitter – definitely not ripe @ all.

But this. this has to be the highlight of the day.

Chicken Katsu Roll for $9.50

The chicken katsu is still warm and crunchy and tender. It comes with slices of cucumber and capsicum – which are very nice complements. The outside is covered with seaweed flakes – which are surprising very good. It lends a subtle but distinctive fragrance to this sushi.

ha. something happened with this dish. our waiter that day really couldn’t speak English very well at all. so i think he heard Chicken Katsu Roll as Chicken Katsu Don. both are the same price.

but me and hui were looking forward to the sushi and i don’t think we could have finished the rice. cause we weren’t very hungry.

but the waiters were very nice – they took it back without complains nor funny faces and promptly got us a chicken katsu roll instead. Great service.

and we love our tempura. $11

It’s nice and crunchy – just the way tempura should be.

I don’t remember exactly what it has. but there’s prawns, yam slices, pumpkin slices etc.

It has an oily mouth feel – like the taste of oil – which me and fish like – as long as the oil is still fresh. hui isn’t that into it. but she digs in all the same.

oh. but they are quite stingy with the sauce though. If you can see the bowl between the blue cup and the sake cup. yes. that’s how small the sauce is.

i suppose you could ask for more – they are very nice people.

but as my philosophy goes: when it’s freshly fried, no sauce necessary – this actually started with MacDonald’s fries.

and Fish got himself a Chicken Katsu Bento. $13.50

It comes with rice and miso soup. A good meal in my opinion.

Fish tried the salmon sashimi and he actually liked it. and obviously the katsu was great. and i stole a slice of onion.

We (me and hui) were interested in getting some salmon sashimi of our own. and since hui previously expressed interest. Why not?

and so we ordered a plate of salmon sashimi.

It came in this funky coloured plate. haha.

It was good. we have not had sashimi in a long time. $8.50

the only thing is. the slices were relatively thick. but they were small. even smaller then the ones in fish’s bento. weird. but it was gobbled down quickly.

and if you love your sashimi up close – here you go.

my first comment was – it looks like the salmon’s hiding behind a bush. ha.

P1000501(Oh. and this is like our first nice pic taken together by Miss Shi Hui!)

That’s all that we had. and we had a great time. great dinner.

and sometimes – at least for us – that’s all that matters.

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