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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kaki Lima Restaurant, Kensington

This is a new restaurant that opened up around March this year i think. and it’s delicious!

Before that, there’s a restaurant called Abang Sam that opened further down the road – which we dined frequently – the problem is, the food there is never consistent. It’s highly dependent on the chef. It’s never bad, but sometimes the food is heavier in sauce, or spicier, or more fragrant etc..

but but but.

kaki lima is great!

It has a very nice simple elegant feel to the place.

That’s the menu. Good stuff.

Our first dish that came in Pandan Chicken. The chicken is marinated with herbs and steamed in pandan leaves. The flavour of the pandan leaves is totally sucked into the chicken and it is delicious.

Fish got Mamak Fried Noodles. It’s not a very big portion but it tastes very good. and there’s no beansprouts. Fish liked it a lot and i think i shall order this next time too!

I ordered their Nasi Lemak Special. It comes with either Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry or Fried Chicken. I chose the Beef – it was bad, but it wasn’t great. I would definitely choose their chicken curry next time – cause i’ve tried that before. and their curries are great great great!

Their fish curry with eggplant is AMAZING! we didn’t have it today – but we’ve tried it twice and we love it. They use fish fillets which is hard to find in Singapore, which usually uses fish heads instead.

Chicken Satay! Their satay is better than Abang Sam’s one. The flavour is similar but here they cook it better. Abang Sam has a tendency to be overcooked and uncooked at the same time. Cause sometimes the meat still looks quite pink but the other is very charred.

and the satay sauce served here is way nicer and their satay rice is hot. It’s kinda weird in Abanng Sam where the satay rice they serve it cold to you. and not room temperature. like it was taken out of the fridge not long ago. haha

And fish still wanted a roti canai. Basically just 2 slices of plain prata and a bowl of chicken curry.

We’ve already established that their curries are delicious, so no problems there. the prata is quite nice. It’s thick and fluffy and quite good. I hate to say this, but way better than Abang Sam too.

And to end it all – a nice cold bowl of Cendol. Nothing i love more than coconut milk, coconut sugar and ice.

They also don’t use red beans but instead use kidney beans which are salty and not sweet. and i actually quite like this – i do love sweet red beans too. but this is interesting.

and they have this cute little clock on the wall! Very cute!


  1. I'm a customer of both shops, yes I do agree at abangsam is sometimes not consistant but the foods stil tasty, kaki Lima is nice but I wouldnt preach out and say it's excellent the way u did, i'm not Malaysian but I've been there so many times that the closet Malaysian food u get is at abangsams, no offence but different people have diferent taste, 4u it's kakilima for me definately abangsams more tasty ,but seriously I dnt think u should compare these two shops because ther both different....u sound so funny on how u preach about kaki Lima bad feelings.... Peter Jhon...

  2. haha. you sound funny too. obviously people have different tastes and it's great that you like abangsam and i don't. Not because the food's not good, but really of its inconsistency. I ate it last week and it just wasn't up to standard - the mee goreng had more sambal in it than the sambal eggplant, only the desserts were nice. I don't preach - most ppl who read my blog aren't even in Sydney, they're my family and friends in Singapore - i'm just reporting on what i love to eat here. and i used to eat abangsam every week. it just wouldn't survive if it was opened in Malaysia or Singapore - just my opinion.